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Retro FPS Gun Commando Targets PlayStation Mobile

Posted by Sammy Barker

All outta gum

Fans of DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D will no doubt feel right at home with Gun Commando, an intriguing 8-bit first-person shooter heading to PlayStation Mobile this week. The title – developed by Green Hill Studios and Abstraction Games – is described as an “old-school, new-cool” adventure, which sees you assume the role of Jack Bennett, a gun-for-hire who’s out to save the world from an ongoing alien attack.

“If there’s one thing we think makes this game stand out, it’s the way you are able to control the on-screen action,” Green Hill’s Maarten De Koning noted on the PlayStation Blog. “We believe the touch screen controls rival that of the traditional mouse and keyboard setup, and for the first time allow you to really play a first person shooter on a touch device.” It’s unclear if the game will allow you to use the PlayStation Vita’s dual-analogue sticks when you’re not playing on a smartphone, but it would be a major oversight if it didn't.

In addition to the throwback gunplay, the shooter will also boast comic book cutscenes penned by Romano Molenaar, and “a unique weaponry upgrade system that rewards players’ skill and accuracy”. The title’s due out on 23rd January for £2.19/$2.79. Let us know if you’re interested in the comments section below.

Update: Green Hill Studios has confirmed that you will be able to use the PlayStation Vita's dual-analogue sticks when playing on the handheld. Hurrah!


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charlesnarles said:

I don't recall doom, wolfenstein, dark forces, etc having visible crosshairs. Takes away from the nostalgia factor, for me. It should be tank controls, too, if its trying to be authentic : ) Long live 1st gen DOS fps games!



Gamer83 said:

Looks like my kind of game. PlayStation Mobile is getting a lot of cool stuff.



Dambuster said:

Just got this, if you want a cheesy game that will put a smile on your face its £2 well spent! But I can only play for a short time before I feel travel sick!!

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