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PlayStation 3 Super Slim Flashes Red and Blue in UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Just like the police (minus Sting)

Those recently announced ‘Garnet Red’ and ‘Azurite Blue’ PlayStation 3 Super Slim consoles are set to light up UK store shelves on 15th February, platform holder Sony has announced. The systems will be available as part of a temporary run, and will come bundled with two matching DualShock 3 controllers and a 500GB hard drive.

No price has been attached to the machines just yet, but seeing as PS3 costs have been plunging in the UK, we’re sure that they’ll be pretty affordable. A similar bundle in black retails for around £229.99 right now, though the limited edition colours are likely to carry a premium. Still, we’re tempted. How about you?

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Superconsole said:

Ooh!! I like the blue one very much. Looks gorgeous! If I hadn't of bought my white PS3 so recently I would be very tempted indeed.



hYdeks said:

the blue and red look nice, but I love red so I would go release them in North America, please Sony



Splat said:

I'm thinking a year of PS+ is a better deal than a second controller. It's just having 500 GB's screams PS+ to me. I'm also a big single player fan so I always see things from that point of view.



Snorky said:

I can't really tell from the picture, but does anyone know if it will be a matt finish or a gloss finish?



rjejr said:

Why put in 2 controllers? It cost Sony more money but I can't think of anything that requires it as Sony mostly pushes either great single player games or ONLINE multiplayer games. Are they including New Super Mario Brothers in the box?



hYdeks said:

@Snorky it's a matte finish, just like the super slim black and white models.

@rjejr two controllers does seem very silly for a console known more for there single player games, but oddly enough this bundle would be great for me, cause oddly most of my PS3 games are couch co-op games! (I probably own all the couch co-op games on the system, though lol) So, this bundle is literally only good for me lol

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