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New PS3 Super Slim Colours Strut Their Stuff in Japan

Posted by Sammy Barker

And maybe overseas, too

A couple of custom PlayStation 3 Super Slim colours will hit the console catwalk in Japan next month, platform holder Sony has announced. The newly unveiled 250GB Garnet Red and Azurite Blue systems will launch on 28th February in the land of the rising sun, and will set you back ¥24,980 ($279).

Interestingly, the consoles also slinked their way onto a couple of European websites over the weekend, with listing 500GB iterations of the chic systems for €329.95 ($439). There’s no word on either of the pretty platforms making their way to North America, but we’re sure that they’ll show up eventually. Until then, there’s always the recently announced classic white bundle to get excited about.


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hYdeks said:

both colours looks extremely nice, but I'ld get the red one, cause I love red. If I knew this was coming to NA sometime soon, I would hold off and get the red one



Splat said:

I'm really hoping to be able to grab the 500 GB model around March. My 160 GB model is just about out of space. I know I could just replace the HD but I need a way to watch Netflix in my room any way.



SilentJ said:

They should release limited edition versions like Microsoft does with 360s. I'd love a Star Wars or God of War PS3.



rjejr said:

I might need a new PS3, my 4 year old system keeps freezing every couple of hours. A color would be nice.

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