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Muramasa Rebirth Slicing North American PlayStation Vitas

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dream come true

We told you that the PlayStation Vita port of Vanillaware favourite Muramasa: The Demon Blade would make its way overseas, didn’t we? Siliconera is reporting that Aksys will be publishing the title in North America as Muramasa Rebirth, though there’s no word on a European launch.

The portable re-release is due out on 28th March in Japan. It will be augmented with four new character packs shortly after its arrival, which you can learn a little more about through here. We’ve embedded the title’s most recent trailer in the space below. Pretty, huh?

Update: Aksys has deployed an official press release providing more details on the port. The game will include "hi-res graphics, enhanced controls, a complete re-localization in English, and more". You can check out the title's official website through here.


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MaxiM_PL said:

Yeah, I bet some people will be repeating that "vita haz no gaemz" mantra even at the end of 2013, Sammy. But you can't blame lemmings for repeating everything US gaming media is feeding them. It's American journos who repeat that same thing over, and over and over. Just because all they see are titles like Uncharted, Black Ops and Assasins Creed, while conveniently ignoring everything else ;]



Knux said:

Hell yes, I love the original and can't wait to give this enhanced port a go!



Galvatron said:

Looks the does Soul Sacrifice. And Killzone: Liberation. And Velocity Ultra. And Persona 4: Golden. And....

Woops, went off script there. The Vita has no games



FlamingXDragon said:

Hope this one offers a button configuration for jumping. I only played the original on the Wii for about 2 hours and I remember hating that you had to use the dpad to jump.



InsertNameHere said:

@MaxiM_PL The Vita is getting a lot of great games this year, unfortunately people are going to continue to hang that "Bad First Year" banner over it's head, just like they did with his big brother the PS3. and it sucks, because The Vita is the greatest handheld to date, it has a lot of great games(already out and yet to be announced) and on top of that, it lets you play almost exact replicas of PS3 games on the go.

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