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Let's Fish Hooks a Reely Big One from 30th January

Posted by Sammy Barker

Making a splash

You’ll be able to get your fingers all over the cast of Let’s Fish: Hooked On’s rods later this month, when the fishing simulator swims to the PlayStation Vita on 30th January in Europe. Those of you in North America will have to wait a little while longer to get wet, as the title is not set to wash up on international shores until 5th February. It'll set you back £14.99/$19.99 from the PlayStation Store.

Developed by the team behind the brilliant SEGA Bass Fishing, the aquatic adventure promises an extensive single-player campaign for you to dip your toes into, as well as a pick-up-and-play Training mode and an Underwater option that allows you to observe your biggest catches. The game will also boast online leaderboards and a full roster of Trophies.

We've embedded a new character trailer in the space below. This one focuses on Kano, who’s not to be confused with the Mortal Kombat character of the same name. She’s an ambitious angler, who sports slightly more appropriate attire than her rival, Jamie. She also has really big, er, nets. Y'know, to put all of the fish in!


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Gemuarto said:

Fishing in Okami was super awesome.... =)... So I might get this one, but need some gameplay videos first.



Gemuarto said:

It looks like you can see what's going on underwater in the process of fishing. I like to catch fish from fisherman's perspective(not from bait's) and wonder if I can do that here. Need demo to understand if I like it, though.

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