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Killzone: Mercenary Breaches Polish Magazine Cover

Posted by Sammy Barker

Details deploying soon

Polish magazine PSX Extreme has released some brand new information about the upcoming PlayStation Vita first-person shooter, Killzone: Mercenary. According to the publication, the title is built upon the same engine as Killzone 3, meaning that it looks absolutely staggering. It’s thought that the release will rival Uncharted: Golden Abyss in the graphical stakes. You can peruse some scans from the source's website through here.

Apparently, there's plenty more information about the title incoming. Writing on the PlayStation Blog over the weekend, community manager Fred Dutton teased: “We’ll be talking more about Killzone: Mercenary next week, so I’ll leave you hanging for now.”

What are you hoping to learn about the hotly anticipated handheld spin-off? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Kage_88 said:

Killzone 2 was one of those incredibly rare moments where I hardly believed a videogame could look so good. In my view, it really helped cement the PS3 as a true powerhouse that could leave the Xbox 360 in the dust (at least, graphically).

To see something similar replecated on a handheld is truly amazing, and a sobering sign of just how far technology has come since the monocromatic days of the Game Boy.

If Guerilla confirmed the return of Hakha in Killzone: Mercenary...then I'd really be a happy camper!



Azikira said:

I am so excited for this. Killzone has never let me down yet, please don't start. crosses fingers



Kayoss said:

No way.. that graphic is on a handheld? I'm not a big fan of FPS but if this game looks as good as what they are showing. Ill be buying on day one.




Well, it's in house development, on their own engine- so this thing should blow the socks off of Resistnace BS and CoD.



charlesnarles said:

Was Golden Abyss that great-looking? I thought it ran at half the native res, which means 1 pixel becomes a 9 pixel cube, right? Not trying to be snobby, I'm sure it takes tons of ram to display, I just thought Uncharted was kinda pixely even for a launch title



hYdeks said:

just from one picture alone I have alot of confidence in this new Killzone for the Vita. I really hope this is the game that will get more sales for the vita.



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles I think it's still the most technically impressive game on the platform along with WipEout and LittleBigPlanet. I agree that the resolution and jaggies were disappointing, but it still looked pretty wild for a handheld game.



Sanquine said:

Oohw why is this article missing some beautiful points which was written on NEOGAF

-engine is nearly 1:1 from PS3 version

  • They added a few new gimmicks to the engine, so they can utilize more PS Vita
  • Game is gorgeous, clear and crispy textures, big draw distances
  • Character models are awesome, the same with animation
  • Stable FPS even with gigantic action inside levels
  • Literally - game is like portable Killzone 3, looking better than Uncharted
  • They stated in the article that the touch gimmicks are well implemented
    -The big draw distances are a huge plus ( If you have played Gravity rush you know what i mean the pop ups). And crisp textures helps to recognize the enemies at bigger distances ( Maybe this helps to create bigger maps because you need to have enough view)
  • Character models and same with animation:D YES YES
  • Stable FPS ? Oohw this is the best news:) I really hate the lag in Resistance burningskies and i think the framerate in cod declassified is also bad...
  • Finally, the graphical beauty we deserve. I loved the graphics of Uncharted Golden abyss and that was not native resolution.


Sanquine said:

PS this game is turning out to be the shooter that already had to be on vita. Hopefully this will win some souls for the PS vita. I know some friends who are waiting for a decent shooter ( I am looking at you Resistance BS and Call of duty black ops declassified)



Gamer83 said:

Great news, been looking forward to learning more about this game, would love to get an estimated release date.



Gamer83 said:


I think it will be, Killzone 2 and 3 are a couple of the top FPS this gen and this game is being done in-house by Guerilla so none of that farming out stuff like we saw with Resistance. If this disappoints, I'll be pretty surprised.



InsertNameHere said:

I need to hurry up and get a Vita. Killzone is easily my favorite FPS franchise of this generation, and I have a feeling Mercenary won't dissapoint me.



Sanquine said:

@ThatOneBlackGuy It will not dissapoint you:) Many people think this game is going to be like unit 13 ( Missions) but GG or playstation blog already said it will have a full fledged campaign



NathanUC said:

I'd love to see KZM similar to the 'style' of KZ1. Multiple characters with 'branching' levels.

If they can add any type of coop to this or mimic KZ2/3 multiplayer.... I may never leave the house




I'm fairly sure that if Guerilla weren't sure they could pull it off- they wouldn't be doing it, and what we'd be looking at would be a sequel in style to Killzone: Liberation, which was easily one of my top 5 PSP games.

They know what the system can do by now.

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