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Hook Up with Persona 4 Golden Next Month in Europe

Posted by Sammy Barker

Let it shine

Get ready to rediscover your teenage angst, because Persona 4 Golden is set to brighten up the PlayStation Vita’s barren release schedule in Europe next month. Publisher Atlus has confirmed that the critically acclaimed RPG – which scored a perfect 10/10 on this very site – will hit store shelves on 22nd February. If that’s too far away, you’ll be able to purchase the PSN version a couple of days earlier on 20th February.

There’s no word on a collector’s edition winging its way overseas, so it doesn’t look like you’ll miss out on much by stumping up for the digital download. Let us know if the title's on your radar in the comments section below.

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hYdeks said:

it's been out in NA for awhile, and I've never tried these games, but I read the back of the box and I really want this game, and after just reading your review, I think I will!

Vita might not have alot of games, but the games they have so far all interest me



Blaze said:

Glad to see this is finally coming out in Europe, but I imported it from America a few months earlier since I couldn't wait.



Galvatron said:

I'm really looking forward to this, it will be unlike any other title I've played and given to sterling reviews should keep us EU Vita owners very busy until Soul Sacrifice and other releases.

I would have preferred to get the special edition but that won't worry me too much.

If I'm not mistaken this title is the highest rated game on any format on Metacritic of 2012....



AceSpadeS said:

I'm loving it over here in the U S of A! All y'all should enjoy it too. (If nothing else, just buy the darned thing so we get P5)



NathanUC said:

Currently, it's still my favorite game of all time! I'd also recommend Persona 3 Portable for anyone who likes this game.

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