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escapeVektor Cuts a Path onto North American Vitas Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Head on collision

After launching in Europe late last year, Australian indie developer Nnooo [sigh – Ed] has attached a 22nd January North American release date to its PlayStation Vita puzzler escapeVektor. The title will set you back $9.99, a fair price for an adventure with no less than 150 levels. Blimey.

The game itself is an ambitious mix of Qix and Pac-Man, in which you must aid a sentient triangle in its escape from an evil CPU. Alright, so the plot’s not going to win any awards, but the title also boasts online leaderboards, Near functionality, and touch screen controls.

To sweeten the deal, PlayStation Plus subscribers will secure an extra 20 per cent discount on the digital release for a “limited period”. Check out the trailer embedded below.

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moomoo said:

This is one to watch. I've got it on my 3DS, and I've been loving it. If the playing field is expanded from the screen size, then this will be the version to get.

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