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Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Uncloaks on 29th January

Posted by Sammy Barker

Creeping through the chaos

The game’s less than a month away from release, but that’s not stopping Crytek from deploying a Crysis 3 multiplayer beta next week. The online test will run for a period of two weeks, and will give you a chance to experience two modes and maps ahead of the title’s 19th February release.

Crash Site, the first of the two playlists, is a team-based mode in which you must fight to capture and hold specific locations on the map for points, while Hunter, the second option, sees two cloaked players attempt to kill and recruit 14 visible CELL soldiers who are awaiting extraction. Maps in the beta include Museum and Airport, though the full game will feature twelve arenas in total.

The beta will be available to everyone, so you won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access it. Crytek also stresses that it will be gathering feedback from the test, but we can’t imagine it will have much time to implement any changes – the game’s due out just seven days after the beta's set to conclude.


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