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Capcom Arcade Cabinet Turning Back Time in Japan

Posted by Sammy Barker

Acceptable in the 80s

We’ve never quite understood the fascination with using modern hardware to emulate ancient experiences, but it’s big business – and now Capcom is looking to get into the lucrative market. Chatting in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the publisher has revealed Capcom Arcade Cabinet, a free application for the PlayStation Network that will allow you to download and play classic titles on your PS3 in Japan.

The platform will launch alongside a free copy of Black Tiger, a side-scrolling action title from 1987. Additional games will include 1942, Commando, and Trojan. Each of the releases will be represented in their original form (glitches included), though the download will boast the ability to tweak the difficulty too. “You can adjust the strength of your attacks, the range of collision detection, and so forth,” producer Kenji Kataoka told the publication. “This allows you to engage in training, and we've got support for turbo buttons and arcade sticks as well.”

Capcom Arcade Cabinet will be fully revealed on 7th February. There’s no word on a Western release just yet, but we’d be surprised if it didn’t make its way overseas. Are there any titles in particular that you’d like to see brought back as part of this initiative? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Shiryu said:

I know it's asking for too much, but id love to have the complete CPS1 and CPS2 set in there...




^^ What he said ^^

Wouldn't hold my breath for CPS2 though- not with the likes of 3rd Strike Online, SF2THDR, MVC2/3 as potential rival purchases available on the store.



Hokori said:

Ancient?! What?! These games are great.... Just because they are from the 80's doesn't mean they're bad...

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