Bungie, the developer best known for creating the Halo franchise, will disclose the very first official information about its brand new intellectual property at the Game Developers Conference in March. According to the convention’s schedule, the studio will host an hour-long presentation dubbed ‘Brave New World: New Bungie IP’. You don’t need an astrophysics degree to deduce what that will entail.

The lecture will be hosted by design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett, both of whom are long-term Bungie employees. During the talk, the duo will provide an insight into the studio’s “battle-tested design process", in addition to its “world building techniques, from concept to production”.

Details about Destiny, the company’s upcoming Activision published title, leaked last year. Apparently, the game will be set in the future, in a universe where the remnants of humanity attempt to defend the Earth from an alien race. We still reckon that the early concept art (above) looks sort of rubbish, but, hey, we’re certainly open to learning more.

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