A small town in the state of Connecticut has called for families to participate in a drive to rid the area of violent video games following the devastating shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school. The 'Violent Video Games Return Program', instigated by the SouthingtonSOS, urges families to give up their M-rated games, films, and CDs in exchange for $25 gift vouchers. The collected content will then be destroyed.

The group argues that many youngsters are "consumed" by violent video games, and that by ridding their town of violent media they are giving their support to the community of Newtown and doing something meaningful to stop future tragedies. The program also hopes to raise awareness about the "dangers" of playing video games.

SouthingtonSOS noted in an official statement that the drive is not condemning video games, or blaming the medium for the massacre at Sandy Hook on 14th December, but that it believes violent media contributes to aggressiveness and desensitization to violence.

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