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Yes, Zindagi Has Considered Making a Standalone Table-Tennis Game

Posted by Sammy Barker

Ping pong

As far as we’re concerned, the table-tennis mini-game included as part of the original Sports Champions is the best example of motion control available on any platform. As such, we’ve always longed for a fleshed out version of the PlayStation Move-powered activity with online multiplayer and an in-depth career mode. But could it actually ever happen?

Well, chatting to us as part of an exclusive feature, developer Zindagi Games has revealed that while the hypothetical title’s not about to become a reality anytime soon, it’s certainly an idea that’s been kicking around the office. “Internally there are a lot of guys who really love table-tennis too, so the idea of a standalone title has floated around,” the developer said. “Unfortunately, we don’t have any current plans for that game.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the studio gave us a little background on the activity selection process for the Sports Champions games. “We really wanted to show off the 1:1 technology [of the PlayStation Move], so we chose sports where we felt we could make a core mechanic with 1:1 control,” the studio explained.

You can learn lots more about Zindagi Games in our exclusive feature set to go live later in the week. In the meantime, feel free to share your support for our standalone table-tennis suggestion in the comments section below.

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Ginkgo said:

Personally I would prefer them to do a tennis game that also uses the Navigation controller to move. I'm still waiting for one that actually works.



rastamadeus said:

"As far as we’re concerned, the table-tennis mini-game included as part of the original Sports Champions is the best example of motion control available on any platform." Two words: Skyward Sword. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but the motion controls are as fluid as is possible.



get2sammyb said:

@rastamadeus I don't doubt the motion controls are fantastic in Skyward Sword — but the table tennis in Sports Champions borders on simulation.



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb I agree, I just think Skyward's are a tiny, tiny bit better and therefore the best example, especially because of all the different ways the Motion Plus Wiimote is used as apposed to just (that word used sparingly) table tennis.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Table Tennis on the original SC is by far the best motion gaming one can have. When you play at the gold level, it's as if you're actually playing a real game of table tennis. Nothing even come close. There's not a single game that's even near the same level as it.

I was let down by SC2. Seriously, Archery again? If you're going to retread your games, why not have more Disc Golf or Bocce courses? Those are the two that get played the most with large groups of people, but there's just not enough courses... Especially with Disc Golf. Only 18 Holes? Come on!
I'm thinking the sequel didn't sell that well, being how I was able to pick up a brand new copy on BF for $10. Great deal.



dmmp1234 said:

Being able to move the Move 1-1 in XYZ space, rotating 1-1, speed 1-1, it feels real!

If only every Move Game was made that way! It should always be Full Control with Move as much as possible!



ThreadShadow said:

I haven't played it much, but it did seem pretty close to 1:1. I think Move is a worthy competitor to the WiiMotionPlus Remote, but they dropped the ball, when comparing the Navcon to the Nunchuk. I think Sony took that leap and wanted to emphasis the use of two Movecons at the same time.

Anyway. Hey Zindagi, get SCEA to release Move Fitness in NA! Thanks!



coroum said:

Guys offtopic but anyone tried lg's dual play on any sports champions game??
i am wondering if i should buy them for lg 3d



big-al said:

I must agree, Sports Champions 2 are a great disappointment. It really doesn't have any replay value like the 1st one. Bocce and Disc golf was the best and so enjoyable with a group of people. They should've tried Baseball (which will work well with Move) as well as something like Putt-Putt in SC2. Tennis must give you access to movement, as it is pretty pointless just swinging around and hoping the AI moves you to the correct spot. Ah well, better luck next time.

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