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There's Another PlayStation Vita Firmware Update On the Way

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oh, come on

Sony promised that firmware updates on the PlayStation Vita would be significantly less intrusive – but so far they’ve been a right pain. The platform holder has already had to fix last month’s massive update due to cloud save sync issues, and now it’s at it again.

The official PlayStation Twitter account notes that v2.02 is coming soon. “It's a minor, optional update that improves software stability during use of some features,” the message reads. We suppose it’s a good thing that the patch is optional, but the frequency of the updates is still really annoying. Feel free to vent your spleen in the comments section below.


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devperson said:

Personally it doesn't bother me. I'd rather they actively release fixes (which are optional after all) than just leave bugs unresolved for months on end. It could be argued that they shouldn't be releasing firmware with bugs and should instead do proper QA and testing, but that's something else altogether.



NathanUC said:

It's not required. It took less than 2 minutes (PS+ pre dl), and it must fix something. Upgrade is progress and progress is good.

I still don't get why people get upset about these things. The PS3 ones I almost understand since they sometimes take a considerable amount of time.. but the Vita OS is so easily patched it's a moot point.



Kayoss said:

People complain when something is not going right.. people still complain when Sony try to fix it. There is no winning with some people. Yes updating a firmware is a burden... it takes a entire 10 minutes of your life away from playing games roll eyes. If you cant even wait 10 minutes to download and install a firmware... i wonder how you are reacting when you have to download a 5+ gb from the PSN????



ThreadShadow said:

Ooooo! I'm always up for more software stability, especially when I'm using some features!

I'll say it again...this generation of electronics can be summed up with a picture of some poor soul starring at a screen featuring a downloading/updating/installing bar.



hamispink said:

I don't mind firmware when it adds new functions. This software patch would bug me if it wasn't optional, but it is so no big deal.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Firmware update? Time to play a different machine! Sucks for people who don't HAVE that option, I suppose...but I played PS3 while my Wii U updated at launch, for example. No biggie.

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