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Super Street Fighter IV Punches North American PlayStation Plus

Posted by Sammy Barker


Following the addition of BioShock 2 last week, Sony has pledged another heavyweight freebie for North American PlayStation Plus subscribers. From tomorrow, premium members will be able to add Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to their download list without needing to spend a penny. The genre defining brawler will be joined by complimentary copies of Rochard, a neat little puzzle platformer that you may have missed out on first time around.

As always, this isn’t the last of your free content for the month either. Community manager Morgan Haro promises that PlayStation Vita details are forthcoming. “We’ll have more news on PlayStation Vita Plus content later this month,” he teased. “Watch this space.”

Judging from the PlayStation Blog comments, people aren’t particularly happy with this update. Let us know your thoughts in the space below.


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ohhaime said:

I'm Happy to get SFIV,Time to hit up the Shoryuken Wiki to prepare for tomorrow.

I already have Rochard but It's absolutely fantastic for anyone who hasn't gotten to play it.



Splat said:

I'm lukewarm on this update. I will give Street Fighter a shot but I know nothing about Rochard.

PS. I want Batman AC...



get2sammyb said:

@Splat Rochard's actually really good. It's a puzzle platformer where you can change gravity. A lot more fun than it sounds on paper, I promise. Definitely a good freebie.



Epic said:

Hadouken time this will be good to play against friends.
Virtua Fighter, King of Fighters and now this the PS+ is now only missing two big name fighters Mortal Kombat and Tekken.



Hokori said:

Hmmm I hope they add Arcade Addition to the 3DSes SSFIV as DLC and put it on the shop soon, I know Japan's adding a lot of A titles or higher on there eShop, while America gets the crappy ones



rjejr said:

I'm seriously thinking about letting my PS+ end next month. The monthly disappointment compared to the EU updates is more than I can take.

On the bright side - played the Rotastic demo last night - the most fun I think I've ever had using just 1 button playing a video game. OK technically it's 2 w/ R1 but where's the fun in that? Just wish there wasn't so much needless blood, the wife's a bit over-protective when it comes to the kids. But then somebody has to be.



Samholy said:

rochard for free this month? im more interested in that than street fighter number xthousand2trillion
really enjoyed the rocahrd demo, but didnt have time to buy it yet. FREE yeaaahh



LukeNI said:

Love me some street fighter! I would've loved this.. I don't have SSF:IV on my ps3.. Dammit. Come to Europe please!



bauckster said:

Actually, I'm really excited about Rochard!! I enjoyed the demo and almost bought it, and now I don't have to. WINNING



Splat said:

I was getting ready to download Street Fighter and PSN has it listed as taking 17.9 GB's!?! Is that right? If so I'm going to pass. I don't like fighting games enough to justify it taking up that much space and how long it would take to download.

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