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Sportsfriends Sprints Past Its Kickstarter Target on Final Day

Posted by Sammy Barker

Marathon winner

Die Gute Fabrik’s innovative local multiplayer compendium Sportsfriends has crossed its Kickstarter target, meaning that it will release on PlayStation 3 next fall. With just four hours left to go, the title has earned $155,339 of its $150,000 target. The game will be marketed as part of Sony’s Pub Fund initiative – but the developer needed the cash to actually finance the production of the port in the first place. It means that Johann Sebastian Joust – a kind of physical party game that takes advantage of the PlayStation Move – will finally find a home on the PlayStation Network.

Of course, if you’re reading this early enough, there’s still plenty of time to pledge your support to the project. Offering just $15 will guarantee you a copy of the title when it releases in 2013. Meanwhile, $100 will earn you a spot in the credits and a t-shirt. Enough said, right?

Update: After some hiccups – including major pledges getting pulled – the title has finally crossed its target with $152,436. That means that the title will be coming to PlayStation 3 next year.


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hamispink said:

That was a close one! I didn't support the kickstarter now, though I'll definitely be picking up the collection whenever it is released. I'm really glad this was funded, you can never have too much couch multiplayer

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