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Sound Shapes Drops Some Sweet New Beats This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Music to your ears

If you’ve already exhausted Sound Shapes’ existing audio toolbox, then you might be tempted by the three new sound packs drumming their way onto the PlayStation Store this week. Fresh sample sets include the Acoustics sound pack, Drum Kits sound pack, and 8-Bit sound pack. Each audio bundle will set you back $0.99, and will come with new Beat School stages and Trophies. They’ll be joined by the Curved Terrain pack, which will be available for free.

With over 15,000 levels already created in Sound Shapes, developer Queasy Games has been quietly concocting a way to showcase the best ones. Its solution will materialise later this month, under the guise of the Community Milkcrate initiative. This program will see the best user created stages arranged into albums each based upon a specific theme. Developers, composers, and “entertainment industry luminaries” will get in on the action next year.

You can sample the new sound packs courtesy of the trailer below. Let us know if you’re planning on picking up any of the content in the comments section. We’re particularly tempted by the promise of new Beat School stages.


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turtlelink said:

I was hoping we'd get some albums created by Daft Punk, Skrillex, or Lady Gaga or something. That would have been awesome!



rastamadeus said:

A Daft Punk set of levels would be brilliant, Skrillex ones would be one of the worst things ever committed to a video game.



hamispink said:

I had forgotten how pleasant the beat school levels were, I'm having a great time with them. Though I really want some more death mode levels, and new albums would be nice too. I guess I'm saying that I'll always want more of this game.



hamispink said:

@sammy I think you're crazy! I loved the Death Levels(for the most part). Great challenge, which you don't see enough these days, and they only took 10-20 minutes to beat.(sometimes less if you were lucky)



turtlelink said:

Death levels turned me off on the game. They're so hard yet everyone on my friends list were getting plats for the game.

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