Naughty Dog’s been agonisingly quiet about The Last of Us’ release date up until now, but a photo of an errant Walmart pre-order card may have broken the silence for the award winning studio. The image shows a voucher for the post-apocalyptic adventure, complete with a tentative launch window of ‘Spring 2013’. With the promise of new consoles looming, it would certainly make sense for Sony to get the title on store shelves ahead of next year’s E3.

However, chatting with IGN, the company stated that the retailer was merely speculating. “We haven’t announced any release date,” a spokesperson said.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the platform holder arranges its first-party line-up next year. It still has a wealth of heavy hitters to push, including Beyond: Two Souls and God of War: Ascension. It's hard to imagine all of the remaining titles releasing in the first half of next year – but if the PlayStation 4 really is on the horizon, they may just have to.