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Sony Ceases PlayStation 2 Shipments in Japan

Posted by Sammy Barker

End of an era

It’s the beginning of the end – but not in the way that the Mayans predicted. After almost 13 years on the market, the iconic PlayStation 2 is finally starting its transition into the console retirement home. Reports coming out of Famitsu magazine suggest that Sony has ceased shipping the system to Japanese retailers today, meaning that once the existing stock is depleted, it’s gone forever.

For those not familiar with the PS2’s storied history, the platform first released on 4th March, 2000 in Japan. It went on to sell over 150 million units worldwide – the current record for a home console – spawning numerous hit titles such as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Shadow of the Colossus, and Grand Theft Auto III. It also popularised the burgeoning DVD format, which has gone on to become a mainstay in most homes across the globe.

With the PlayStation 4’s arrival imminent, the timing of the system’s departure is interesting. For now, though, we should focus our attention on arguably the greatest games console ever made. What are your fondest PS2 memories? Let us know in the comments section below.


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OmegaSpear said:

The best console that ever existed, no console in the future will be able to match the ps2 greatness.



Hokori said:

Before I moved onto Nintendo, I used to play a lot of Ratchet and Clank, but now I'm going to try and pick up others for the system, I already have KH, FFXII, MGS 2 that id like to get into at some point, and I'd pick up a lot of games as well (that is if there isn't a 3DS/WiiU remake coming)




PS2 was a shmup powerhouse! Still own two, a Satin SIlver fat and Cinnibar Red (NTSCJ) late slim. That late slim model is such an impressive bit of miniaturisation. Have ran it for the best part of 10 hours without a hick-up or any obvious heat issues, without a powerpack! It's nuts.

I'd happily second the 'best console ever' notion for the PlayStation 2.



Redxzero said:

I love to nibble on juicy pineapples and let their sweet smelling succulent juices run all down my face. Oh yes the JUICES smell and taste soooo good.



Knux said:

The PS2 was a masterpiece. It really changed me as a gamer. Kingdom Hearts, Grand Theft Auto, Star Wars Battlefront II, and many other games made this console a classic. I'm honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Also, WTF RedxZero?



charlesnarles said:

Mine came with Gran Turismo 3, best racing sim ever ever. I remember my awe at the photorealism compared to psx or even my desktop. I must have rented mgs2 and 3 100 times before I was allowed to own it. heh parents, right? FFX also took years from me, I kept getting pushed out of battle by the robots right before the wedding rotfl. Maybe I'll finally beat it on the hd version. Good times, I gotta hold a memorial service for my first console ever <3



JavierYHL said:

its sad its still selling a bit in japan every week why do sony stop it so soon...



rjejr said:

This will go down as my favorite console of all time, combination of games and graphics. Guess I need to go buy another one now.

Any chance PS4 would play PS2 game discs?



Splat said:

The PS2 was awesome soooo many great games for it. I also loved the controller which is a big reason I went with a PS3 over a 360.



NathanUC said:

Back when I was younger, I went with the original Xbox over a PS2. I regret nothing. I still consider the PS2 second best in that generation.



Gamer83 said:

Fantastic run, if it's not the best console of all time it's damn close, only one I'd put up there with it is SNES which was also phenomenal. I remember picking up the PS2 in 2003 after getting fed up with the utter lack of high quality games on Gamecube outside of Nintendo's first party stuff. It's one of the best purchasing decisions I ever made. PS2 will be the last truly 'classic' game console we see imo. As much as I like the PS3, 360 and Wii, I don't see myself looking back 10 years from now saying 'yeah those were the days.' I have a ton of great memories of PS2 games though.




I know what you mean, I had various PS2, XBOX and Gamecube models over the years, and all had their respective strengths-but other than perhaps- half a dozen titles for each- the XBOX and GCs I still have get far less play time than the PS2. It changed a lot, it did a lot, and offered so much out of the box. I think you're right in that- technically at least- the XBOX was a superior console, but the XBOX controller's never been great, the S fixed the insane bulk, but it's still, even now- not a patch on a DualShock.



NathanUC said:

@KALofKRYPTON I really liked the original Xbox controllers but I was also coming from a Dreamcast so they are fairly similar. Now, I greatly prefer the dualshock3 to the Xbox 360 controllers (or pretty much the controller s v2).

I appreciate the PS2's library today, but everyone I knew that had a Ps2 had to have it replaced at one time or another. Every-time I played a PS2 game it just felt like an upgraded PS1/Dreamcast game. When I was playing Xbox games, they felt like next gen games.

It was never a console that impressed me at all and nor did any of it's games at the time. Games like Project Gotham Racing, Halo, Panzer Dragoon, Ninja Gaiden, Jet Set Radio Future, the Hunter series, and of course Halo were more than plenty for me to consider Xbox better in both hardware and software.

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