If you’ve already successfully collapsed Hong Kong’s corrupt triads and exorcised the nation from the undead, then you might be excited to learn that Sleeping Dogs is travelling to a new island next week. The recently announced Zodiac Tournament pack will launch on the North American PlayStation Network on Tuesday, bringing with it a slew of new single-player content.

Apparently, the add-on sees protagonist Wei Shen invited to an off-shore combat competition, where he’ll no doubt triumph against immeasurable odds. The content will boast new arenas, bosses, outfits, and “story-extending cutscenes”.

Speaking of new single-player content, RAGE will also receive its rumoured The Scorchers expansion on 18th November. The long overdue DLC – seriously, the shooter is pretty old at this point – will add six new arenas, mini-games, and a new nailgun weapon to the title’s gun cabinet. It’ll also unlock a new ‘Ultra Nightmare’ difficulty tier for fans of restart screens.

You can learn a little more about next week’s PlayStation Store update via the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast.

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