Europe has always been a stronghold for Sony, and that looks unlikely to change. The platform holder has announced that as of 17th December it has sold (not shipped) a whopping 30 million PlayStation 3s across the territory. It looks like that budget 12GB system is really starting to do the business.

“This is a major milestone for us and clearly shows just how popular the PlayStation brand and products are within Europe and the PAL territories,” said SCEE’s Jim Ryan. “We are really pleased with the success of the PS3 system over the last six years, and are committed to continuing our support of the platform with high quality products and titles that are of the caliber that PlayStation fans have come to expect.”

Last month, Sony reported that it had shipped 70 million PS3s worldwide, making the European region responsible for roughly 40 per cent of the system’s sales. Let’s hope that the platform holder decides to reward our loyalty by letting us get our hands on the PlayStation 4 at the same time as everyone else. Oh, who are we kidding? We’re going to be made to wait again, aren’t we?