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Ni No Kuni Demo Travels to North American PSN This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Ocean drive

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will endeavour to warm your cockles this week, when a demo for the delightful PlayStation 3 exclusive boards the North American PlayStation Store. The gameplay teaser was confirmed as part of a PlayStation Blog post, but there’s no word on whether the sampler will sail to European shores. We’ve contacted publisher Namco Bandai for comment.

The hotly anticipated RPG is the product of a collaboration between Level-5 and legendary filmmaker Studio Ghibli. The full game’s due out on 22nd January in North America and 25th January in Europe. If you're itching to learn a little more about the title, treat your eyes to our recent preview through here.

Update: Namco Bandai has confirmed that the demo will release in Europe on 5th December.


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rjejr said:

My only concern is that gameplay takes a backseat to graphics, though it's Level-5 and they've been on an almost perfect upward slope for me:
Dark Cloud
Dark Chronicles
Rogue Galaxy
I could easily rate those 7, 8, 9, 9 1/2.
WKC parts 1 and 2 are a bit of a let-down but I'm hoping for the best with this one.




I read at EG that the first few 'levels' are like RPG for kids/noobs but it beefs up a little more after that.
I hope we get the demo, I haven't played a straight up RPG in quite a while and I'd really like to give this one a go.



Squiggle55 said:

I actually don't know if I want to play the demo. I am going to try to resist and just wait for the full experience in January. But obviously I hope this gets a lot more people to buy it.



Ginkgo said:

Very interested in this. I hope the demo makes it to Australia



rjejr said:

Well that was a huge let down.

For a 2.6GB DL I thought they would at least put in the opening trailer as seen online before you play to set the mood, not some words over photos straight out of Elebits. And those 25 minute timers made me rush thru the levels - just the opposite of what you should normally do in a JRPG. Even Rainbow Moon gave us an hour and that's a $15 DL game.

People who don't know any better would be justified from this demo to say this game sucks. They need to redo the demo - add in the entire opening cut scene, and lose the timers, just let the demo end naturally. I wouldn't be surprised if this demo costs them a few sales.

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