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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's First Trailer Strikes

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oh, and it lights up the night

If you’re still interested in Square Enix’s pretentiously dubbed Fabula Nova Crystallis plotline, then you’ll probably be eager to watch the first trailer for upcoming spin-off Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The video – which shows the titular heroine sporting a fetching new costume and a pair of sunglasses – introduces the game’s apocalyptic countdown mechanic. Essentially, you’ll have 13 in-game days to save the world, but you can lengthen or shorten time by making different decisions. Multiple endings will encourage replayability.

While that certainly sounds like an interesting concept, the game doesn’t look too hot in the trailer embedded below. For a series that’s always prided itself in its stunning visuals, this footage looks extremely bland. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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ThreadShadow said:

Wow! There was absolutely nothing exciting/charming/interesting or endearing in that trailer. Plenty of pretensious though. Of course "religion" is the bad that all they can come up with when trying to create "depth" for their story? Nothing against the voice actress herself, but Lightnings voice/attitude really puts me off. At least it's not a high squeaky little girls voice/cartoon voice.

I just don't know what to say. I wanted it to be an action rpg, with free-running/climbing like Asssassin's Creed, thrown together with lots of dress-up customization, and detail allowed by the limited day/area premise.

This trailer doesn't bode well for that delivery.



rjejr said:

"sounds like an interesting concept"

I think you meant - sounds like "Majora's Mask".

Shouldn't they be up to FFXIV by now?



WCamicase said:

I actually liked the trailer
And another thing, why when a game has a mechanic like another one is already a clone? Damn you guys play all those shooters that are the same exact crap every year and I don't hear "Doom clone" ._.



Kayoss said:

It looks like a mixture of Devil may cry with a little of Assasin's creed and maybe heavenly sword in a RPG setting. Looks different but I have to agree. The Gameply visual is not up to SE standards.



ShogunRok said:

As far as I'm concerned, Square have buried this saga into the ground with sequels no one asked for. They're playing it safe, but it could cost them in the long run. I don't think Lightning Returns is going to be very successful if the declining sales of FFXIII-2 are anything to go by.

Classic example of shoving a poor character/universe down people's throats and expecting them to like it.



bauckster said:

Meh. If I'm going to play a new JRPG, I'm going to dig up a copy of Xenoblade...or just wait for Ni No Kuni...although, honestly, the demo of that one disappointed me a bit.



Pikachupwnage said:

Looks pretty cool. Not judging too much because it seems to be an early build.

The 13 day mechanic sounds interesting.



NathanUC said:

I felt like Lightning's story ended in 13-2 with the DLC. I would have been far more interested in learning more about Caius's story.

Either way, I've loved the last two FFXIII. I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too!

The way they seem to do number is by different 'worlds' or time frames. Since all the Final Fantasy 13 games take place in the same world, they are just marked 13, 13-2, Lightning Returns. It's much the same with FFX and FFX-2.



WCamicase said:

@get2sammyb Believe me, I already read in many places "derp Majora's Mask rip-off" come on, not trying to potect the game but we hear these things lot's of times, can't a game have a similar gameplay mechanic and not be a copy? :/



ThreadShadow said:

Let me just say, I'm not sad they are reusing an engine to make sequels to a game. I really don't mind that. How I would have loved Nintendo to make two sequels to Twilight Princess using the Twilight Princess engine. All the effort can be focused on other areas instead of banging out a new engine every time.

But when you get into game content, that's what it is about for me. I mean, it says Lightning can climb places,...will that be like when they gave me jump button which allows me to freely jump except when I need to jump to a higher level? No for that I need to go to a specific "jump" point. Unless the demo misled me that's the case with FFXIII-2, and it boggles my mind.

To put it broadly; If I have to press a button to climb a ladder, then Square-Enix has failed again imo.

I think the "Majora's Mask" mechanic is fun and welcome, and interesting to see if they get it right. But remember when FFXIII-2 was compared to Chrono Trigger for it's time travel mechanic? I think the general consensus on that is they failed to deliver on that particular comparison.

Also no first-person look ability is an insult to all your hard working 3d poly and texture artists, so make sure it exists in Lightning Returns.

Does anyone know when Versus XIII (FFXV?) is coming out?

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