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Jetpack Joyride Flies to PS3 and Vita with Free Trophies

Posted by Sammy Barker

Merry Christmas

Beatshapers must be fuming. The developer has only just released its premium PlayStation Minis version of Jetpack Joyride – but now Australian outfit Big Ant Studios has followed up with a superior edition for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The free-to-play title – available now in Europe and on 31st December in North America – boasts online leaderboards, high-definition visuals, and free Trophies.

Sadly, the digital trinkets don’t sync with the PlayStation Network at the moment – but we’re sure that the issue will be resolved soon. At least we hope that it is, otherwise we fear that we may have wasted an entire afternoon.

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ThreadShadow said:

Speaking of Trophies. Does Frobisher Says have Trophies yet? I bought the super fun pack and mine still doesn't have Trophies. Has the Trophies patch shipped in North America yet?



LivingLeif said:

I just tried it. Unless I've missed something, looks like you're tied into using the Vita's rear touch pad to control your character. Terrible idea. Why bother porting something from a touch only device to a touch+physical buttons device if you're not going to offer the choice of front touch, buttons AND the rear touch pad? Oh? So you can lazily chase the lucrative gold mine that is in-app purchases? Right. Gotchya.



Ross_BigAnt said:

@SanderEvers We're working on all of the various required translations accross Europe - hopefully by the next store update it will be there.



Pikachupwnage said:

Have this on my Ipad but I prefer gaming on my game systems. Plus being free with trophies doesn't hurt



isnchz said:

Nice, will pick it up. I could not understand why would devs port free iOS games or old iOS games to PSN (I'm speaking of minis version). But this one makes sense.

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