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Fuel Overdose Could Be the Last Game You Ever Play

Posted by Sammy Barker


If the Mayans have their way, Fuel Overdose could be the very last game that you ever play. Independent developer I-Friqiya has reached out to us to confirm that a demo for its multifaceted racer will release on the European PlayStation Store later today, with the full title set to arrive on 21st December. “That’s the day of the apocalypse,” executive producer Skander Djerbi joked. “So if there’s one last game you download, make sure it’s this one.”

A demo’s due out in North America on 18th December, with the full release set to follow in early 2013. The title itself hopes to fuse traditional car combat with tactical gameplay. You can watch a trailer through here.

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It worries me how many people believe that the Maya predicted the end of the world.
A bit of reading does wonders. The 21/12/12 date indicates a complete procession of Earth (one rotation around it's axis in a cone like shape) that takes 26,000 years and the start of a new one. They were astonishingly precise in their measurements- so much so that their data is extremely close to what NASA et al produce today.

So, the next time someone brings up the Maya and the end of the world in the same sentence, admonish them.




Sorry. I've started throwing things at people in the office who keep bangin on about it. They don't believe it's going to happen, but they believe the bad science behind the claim that the end of the world is what was being predicted!



ShogunRok said:

I find it hard to care about the end of the world when you have a game logo like that.



Magi said:

I think (hope?) most rational people know December 21st won't be the end of the world. Still, that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun with it in my own way.

With that being said (see how I mentioned RATIONAL up there?), I'm still not leaving the house this 21st.



Savino said:

Sorry, but you wrong. The mayans never predicted the precession of equinox! They didnt had the time or the instruments to do that.

Mayans were good predicting solar and moon eclipses at their region and thats all.

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