Dark Souls 2 may have been announced as a PlayStation 3 title, but it sounds like the hotly anticipated sequel will arrive on next-generation consoles too. EDGE magazine – who were shown a ten-minute playthrough of the game – reports that the upcoming adventure will boast visuals that are on par with Ubisoft’s ambitious Watch Dogs and LucasArts’ stunning Star Wars 1313. While neither of the aforementioned titles have been confirmed for futuristic hardware yet, they simply look too good to be targeting PS3 first and foremost.

Apparently, the title will be a direct continuation of the original game, but will not be set in the kingdom of Lordran. The new location will be around the same size as its predecessor's realm, but the developer promises that it will be much more “dense”.

According to the report, production started on the sequel back in September 2011, and is currently 25 per cent complete. That means that the title could still skip 2013, despite the project’s development staff almost doubling.

There’s plenty more information available in the latest issue of EDGE magazine, including interviews with new directors Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. You can purchase a copy of the publication through here.

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