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Battlefield 3's Price Crumbles with New European PSN Deal

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s unwrapped another offer as part of its festive European PlayStation Network advent calendar. From now until 23:59PM on 4th December, you’ll be able to snuggle up with a digital copy of Battlefield 3 for just £29.99/€39.99. That represents a huge saving over the listed price of £59.99/€69.99, but it’s still cheaper to purchase the first-person shooter at retail. Amazon’s currently shipping new copies for £19.99.

Still, if you’re desperate for the accessibility of the digital version, then we suppose this is a decent deal. PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra 10 per cent off, bringing the price closer to the physical release.


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Ginkgo said:

Have never understood why Sony regularly prices its digital downloads more expensive than retail.



get2sammyb said:

@Ginkgo Publishers set the price. It's because they're frightened to undercut retail which they rely on for most of their income.

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