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Upcoming Vita Firmware Update Will Allow You to Browse the Web During Gaming Sessions

Posted by Sammy Barker

By popular demand

Being able to browse the web while in-game has always felt like a pipe-dream on any platform, but the PlayStation Vita’s upcoming v2.00 firmware update will finally make that fantasy a reality. Affable executive Shuhei Yoshida took to Twitter to confirm the news, announcing that the software refresh will transform the web browser into a “small app”, meaning that you won’t have to quit games to access it. This is obviously massive news for compulsive Trophy hunters, as it means that you’ll be able to peruse guides without ever needing to exit your game or switch devices.

According to Yoshida, the web browser will be much faster as a result of the tweaks, which is obviously always nice. He added that the changes represent the culmination of “lots of effort” from Sony’s internal firmware team in Japan.

Of course, the forthcoming update will also bring with it PlayStation Plus compatibility, allowing you to backup all of your saves to the cloud, as well as download free titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. You can peruse the full line-up through here.


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DVD_Sandwich said:

You're already able to with a somewhat strange workaround, but this seems much better.
If you open Twitter, then click a link from there it will open the web browser while the game is still running. If you push the PS button and go back to the game it closes the browser and you'll have to do the whole process again to get it back.



ZeD said:

Trophy hunting will be so much easier now

Cannot wait for the update & Plus! I already have Uncharted & Gravity Rush but the others... I cannot wait



rjejr said:

"Being able to browse the web while in-game has always felt like a pipe-dream on any platform, "

I'm pretty sure the 3DS has been able to do this since June 2011. Admittedly the browser sucks, but that doesn't make it a pipe-dream.




Extra functionality can never hurt really. I'm still impressed with the suspend gamestate feature that's on the Vita, that was really handy!



meischoice said:

@DVD_Sandwich I've noticed this and I have also done it this way too. But i think memory allocation becomes very limited and web pages won't fully load. Then entire web page reloads itself when the vita runs out of memory. (or something) At least, that is what I like to think



ohhaime said:

The update is now live in NA.
The browsers score one has gone from 58 out of 500 to 243 and 2 bonus points after the update.



Blaze said:

Always awesome to be allowed to browse the web whilst in-game. Although I wish that Europe had Jet Set Radio as is the case in North America. Guess you can't have everything.

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