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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's DLC Is Finally Coming to PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker


After what seems like an eternity, Bethesda has confirmed that it is "close" to releasing new content for the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Technical issues have delayed the content for months, despite it launching on the Xbox 360 and PC. But in a nonchalant Tweet posted earlier today, the publisher revealed that fresh material is on its way to Sony's system.

“To update: we're also close on new Skyrim content for PS3," the company said. “Thanks to all our fans. We think you'll love the new stuff. We know it takes us time and thanks for all your support and patience!”

Competing versions of the open world RPG have received two expansions to date: Dawnguard and Hearthfire. A third add-on, named Dragonborn, was announced last week. Sony recently revealed that it was helping Bethesda to properly port the content to the PS3. It seems like that worked out well.


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meischoice said:

I really hope they bundle all the DLC for PS3!!! (including the newly announced one) It would be really cool!



Samholy said:

cant say im in the mood to play skyrim again...but a dlc that looks so great. why not in a couple of months.
like oblivion, its a game you can undust after a year or two and get into it again.

but the sure thing, i will not get the dlc until next summer why? too much titles to play first.
all-star battle, god fo war, GTA 5,borderland 2 and possibly the last of us...



odd69 said:

good i can fire it up again. i lost interest for a while.

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