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Start a Special Journey with Travel Bug on PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Around the world in anty days

If you’ve ever wanted a globetrotting insect as a pet, then Lucid Games’ latest PlayStation Vita application should have you smiling like a buccaneer in a biplane. The complimentary Travel Bug will allow you to rear your own adventurous creepy-crawly, and send it on a journey around the world via Near.

While your creature travels the globe, you’ll collect other players’ pets in a virtual net. Assuming you help those insects on their expedition, you’ll acquire Bugmiles, which reward you with new costumes and unlocks for your own audacious ant. Furthermore, every time you dispatch a creepy-crawly on its way, you’ll be forced to take a picture of it, creating a logbook of its voyage around the world.

Sounds amazing, huh? See for yourself in the trailer embedded below.


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get2sammyb said:

Wow, I can't wait to try this. Some of these Discovery Apps have had awesome premises!



ohhaime said:

Near stuff doesn't seem to work out for me. I've only gotten two treasure park boards and zero Uncharted trades.



ohhaime said:

No I have a WiFi version.It has crazy accurate location finding by Wifi and Near usually finds a good number of people near by me but none of them seem to play anything that use Near.
I guess the idea is that your supposed to take your vita to other places and find people playing games that you are but I don't go that many places and even then I don't like taking my Vita with me out of fear of it being damaged or stolen. I have the same problem with Streetpass on my 3DS. I suppose these things are good ideas for other people that aren't me.

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