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Sony Swatting PlayStation Vita Bugs with Firmware Update

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Remember when Sony said that firmware updates would be less intrusive on the PlayStation Vita? Yeah, we didn’t believe them either. The platform holder is currently preparing a patch for the system’s most recent software refresh, which will fix issues pertaining to the automatic save upload function.

While the update is due out soon, the company notes that you can still backup save data via the Content Management application. Not really the same, though, is it?


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Dambuster said:

Really hope they let us use folders soon, my vita home screens are getting very messy.



hYdeks said:

They should have done more than just fix that with the latest update, like making all the psp games on psn work I'm still upset I can't play half my PSP games on my Vita (especially Phantasy Star Portable 2). Seriously, how hard is it to make all the psp games compatible on vita?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Even the manual backup isn't perfect...I ran seven games, and three or four of them failed.

@hydeks: Pretty hard, considering they're using software emulation of the PSP. But more importantly, I have a feeling it's pretty low priority for them. Which sucks and is in direct contrast to their portrayed attitude pre-launch (I'd thought the whole library would work day-one), but it's not like Sony's never screwed over BC fans before.



ThreadShadow said:

This entire generation of gaming and even general electronics can be summed up with a picture of some poor soul starring at a "loading/updating/installing" bar on a screen.



belmont said:

For some stupid strange reason I can't upload saves in the online storage via 3G even though there are just some kb...



Kayoss said:

You must be new to hardware... Games are developed for the specific hardware/console therefore not all game can be easily made backward compatible with new hardware. Its similar to a screw that utilizes a philip screw driver. Will you try to open a screw that was meant for a philip screw driver with a flat head screw driver? of course not even a damn monkey knows better. You have to make alteration and modification for it to work. Sometime the modification are easy sometime its can be hard. Especially when you have to try to implement touch controls and update the older game to make it run smoother on newer hardware. Let me know if you want to learn more..



AG_Awesome said:

Why are you defending them not having every psp game and PSOne game up by now? It's inexcusable. The end.

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