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Sony Reports PlayStation Sales Decrease, Lowers Vita Forecast

Posted by Sammy Barker

But overall losses reduce

Sony has revised its annual sales forecast for the PlayStation Vita and PSP for the second time this year. Speaking during its quarterly financial briefing, the company explained that it now expects the handheld systems to sell a combined total of 10 million units by 31st March, 2013. It had previously predicted a tally of 16 million units, before lowering that forecast to 12 million units back in August. Fortunately, the company maintained that it expects to sell 16 million home consoles during the same timeframe.

For the second quarter ending 30th September, PlayStation sales slumped by 15.8 per cent compared to the same period last year. In total, the brand raked in ¥148.2 billion ($1.85 billion). The decrease, according to Sony, was due to “lower sales of hardware and software of the PlayStation 3 and PSP, partially offset by the contribution of the PlayStation Vita introduced in December 2011.”

Operating income also declined year-on-year, from ¥3 billion to ¥2.3 billion ($29 million). Sony added that the decrease was due to the aforementioned drop in sales, and also “unfavourable foreign exchange rates, partially offset by a decrease in selling, general and administrative expenses."

The company sold a combined 3.5 million PS3 and PS2 units during the second quarter, down from 4.9 million the year prior. Handheld sales reached 1.6 million, reduced slightly from 1.7 million the previous year. While the drop seems minimal, that’s a disappointing number considering the Vita wasn’t available 12 months ago.

However, software sales on both sides improved. The PS3 and PS2 shifted a combined 41.4 million units, up from 40.2 million, while handheld software increased from 8.2 million units to 8.7 million.

Overall, the Japanese manufacturer reported sales of ¥1.6 trillion ($20.5 billion), up 1.9 per cent over the previous year. Furthermore, it slashed its overall quarterly net loss from ¥27 billion to ¥15.5 billion ($198 million). A loss is a loss, but at least things are moving in the right direction.


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Epic said:

At this rate the only thing that can save vita is a new Monster Hunter.



Dambuster said:

I love my vita, but the next few months need to be very special, if AC liberation, NFS and call of duty do not sell well over xmas, I fear third party games will dry up. Everyone I know who has a vita thinks its great, it just needs to get out there as a major player. There are loads of decent games coming in next couple of months.



get2sammyb said:

@Dambuster I'd keep your expectations in check — it's not suddenly going to become the best selling console on the market. Sales will certainly increase over Christmas, though.





i agree with Sammy here, I don't think the Vita has much of a hope of becoming a DS style success without a price drop. But it is a strong platform and an attractive, if slightly exclusive, bit of kit.

There are a few big players on the way, all of which should help- my money's still on Killzone: Mercenaries to be the system seller though.



JavierYHL said:

i still waiting for a ff,mh or level 5 jrpgs...esp mh i can convinced many friends to buy a vita if capcom willing to help...



3Above said:

Its going to have to be a big third party game. Unless Nintendo People dont seem to go head over heels for Sony's 1st party games. Uncharted one of Sony's biggest franchies of this gen was a launch title and was great and yet wasnt a system seller. I dont personally like the game but Monster Hunter is needed for vita sales to pick up in japan. And pricedrop is needed for NA. But as long as 3rd party games like Ragnorok Oddessy get reivews like IGN's review people will continue to think " Vita gotz no gamez "



Ginkgo said:

I wonder how 360 is doing compared to the PS3? The whole market it probably down.

Have been thinking about the Vita recently, and I have decided that half of its problem is that there aren't enough kids games. I would "guess" that 50%+ of 3DS market is kids, and yet virtually all of the Vita's games are for adults. My daughter owns a DS, but where are the fashion games etc for hte Vita... Just a thought.



Scrible said:

Why would I buy something higher than the PS 3, and it had no title worth buying, just bought the super slim and love out



hYdeks said:

like most Sony products, the vita is alil more advanced and probably won't to be a big seller till a year or so into it's life, ps3 is basicly the same way. Sony needs to learn with PS4 to keep it next gen, but also keep it cheaper than $699

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