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Rumour: Final Fantasy Type-0's Localisation Was Nearly Finished

Posted by Sammy Barker

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According to a group lobbying for the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 overseas, a localised version of the PlayStation Portable exclusive was nearly completed back in 2011. Apparently, publisher Square Enix recorded an English dub for the game at the tail-end of last year, shortly after the title released in Japan. However, despite the project being 90 per cent complete, the title was shelved due to flagging PSP sales primarily in North America.

The site added that Square Enix is currently waiting for a demonstration of fan demand before it brings the title overseas. Meanwhile, an additional source noted that the company is struggling to decide upon a satisfactory release strategy with platform holder Sony. We would have assumed that a PSN-only launch with full PlayStation Vita compatibility would have sufficed.

However, we have an even better suggestion: why not upscale the game, add Trophies, and release it as a native Vita title? With the localisation pretty much complete, we imagine that the expenditure on additional development would be miniscule. And even though the portable is not flying off the shelves at the moment, there’s still a rampant fanbase eager for more exclusive software to play on the machine. We reckon it would perform reasonably well at retail, don't you?


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Gemuarto said:

Yeah, very well. But I lost my faith in Eidos Enix. It looks like they want to destroy Square legasy. And i hate them for that. But you have a point. Type Zero for Vita is first day buy, for me =).



moomoo said:

That's odd. Square Enix was the one company that was putting games out in succession for the PSP last year. It's odd that they would put out this one, since the people wanting this game likely had a PSP in tow, what with Duodecim coming out that year. Plus they also released 3rd Birthday, Tactics Ogre, and FFIV: CC. SE fans were already on the system.



Stuffgamer1 said:

You're right, moomoo, that is pretty bizarre. Add to that the fact that they released the PSP version of FFIII here on PSN recently, and it seems even stranger to neglect Type-0 when the game was almost completely localized already. I've heard that FFIII sales would be taken into consideration for Type-0's release...but then developers love saying that kind of thing just to see their sales go up. I don't think I've ever actually seen a title held at ransom actually come about as a direct result of it as promised. Then again, it's also common for the fans to refuse to play ball in that kind of situation (Chrono Trigger DS, anyone?), so it's really hard to say. I grabbed FFIII PSP anyway, just in case.



Squiggle55 said:

I would love for a Vita version to be released. Not only because it would be great but because the Vita could really benefit from it. Unfortunately something tells me the delay is simply to stop and wait and see and decide if they should make it a Vita game or leave it on PSP. And now I'm reluctant to expect Square Enix to make the decision we would like them to.



Stine said:

I'd like to get it on my PSP. But if they only released it for PSV, I (and I'm guessing I'm not exactly alone in this) would be even more tempted to actually get a Vita, so maybe they should do that.

And I agree with moomoo. It's pretty darn weird.



Samholy said:

eidos destroying square's legacy ? why not the other end, square destroying eidos legacy ?

i see 2 names in the company, hence there should be 2 visions and 2 style fused together. a bit of square and a bit of eidos.

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