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Promotional Items Leak Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Posted by Sammy Barker

New method

Typically you can count on a rogue cog in the gaming press to leak super secret screenshots, but publisher Rockstar Games likes to do things a little bit differently. The company is giving away neat little keychain viewfinders alongside pre-orders for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, which include screenshots of locations from the hotly anticipated adventure. Despite pre-orders not officially opening until Monday, the pictures are already online.

Looking through the accessory will give you a brief glimpse at the Zancudo River, the Vinewood Hills, the Del Perro Pier, the Vespucci Canals, and Grapeseed – all of which are landmarks from the game. You can view the full set of images through here.


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Sanquine said:

WOW that right screen of the artbox is just like san andreas:D OMG OMG This is wonderful:D

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