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PlayStation Vita Firmware Update v2.00 Available Now

Posted by Sammy Barker

Be prepared

As promised, Sony has released the latest firmware update for the PlayStation Vita. The landmark software refresh – dubbed v2.00 – brings with it a bevy of new features, including PlayStation Plus compatibility and in-game web browsing. It also adds a new emails application to the dashboard, allows you to transfer content wirelessly between a PC, and implements a slew of general performance improvements.

You’ll be prompted to download the update when you switch on your system. Remember to set aside ten minutes or so to perform the operation, that way you can’t complain when you want to game. For more information on PlayStation Plus’ expansion to the portable, focus your peepers through here. Have you updated yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Savino said:

Finally I can put my saves upthere on the clouds!!!!
The email app is pretty cool too!

How your Icon looks like Sammy?! Mine looks an envelope from the US!



ohhaime said:

It's nice to be able to back up my vita saves, But to bad Mobile game game saves can't be backed up. Also is it just me or does auto-uploading saves not work? My trophies auto-synced over night but ticking the auto-upload box in the content manger doesn't seem to stick.
And the time stamps on saves are backwards when you download a save,very confusing.

I think they improved the store too. When I re-downloaded the AR soccer/football game it downloaded the latest version update with it.And I don't remember the transaction management options being there before.

and there is now a place to update PSMobile runtime in the system options in the settings. Currently it just downloads ver.1.00



Kayoss said:

The web browser is such an improvement. Its a lot faster and there are no longer checkered patterns when the web page have not loaded.
I think Sony is moving in the right direction... It a smart move to add email for those who only uses one device on the go, you will need data plan to access your email and this a good start to get people to purhase data plan. Now they need to lower the price on data plan and memory cards.

One thing that i noticed about the cloud... you cant save certain games into the cloud. I was unable to upload Mortal Kombat saves to the cloud. It was greyed out. I also notice it with several other games as well. I wonder if the PSN store for the PS vita will also get a face lift? it seems like the PS3 PSN store would be perfect for the PS vita.



NathanUC said:

@Kayoss I believe games that are in grey on the cloud upload are games that store your save data on the game card NOT your Vita's storage.

I think this is the case because the games that are grayed out for me are also the games my girlfriend cannot play on her Vita without wiping my save.



stylon said:

Great update but unless I'm missing something the email app doesn't support HTML which is disappointing as I can't view most of my emails, just get lots of hyperlinks.

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