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PlayStation 3 Surpasses 70 Million Units Shipped Globally

Posted by Sammy Barker

Celebrate good times

While we all lament the PlayStation Vita’s current commercial woes, it’s worth remembering that the mighty PlayStation 3 once faced a similar predicament. There was a time when armchair analysts were calling for the console to be scrapped – but over the years, Sony has proved that the knee-jerk reactions were premature.

Indeed, the company has announced this morning that the system has shipped a whopping 70 million units to date. That’s a global number, which tracks consoles sold to stores rather than actual customers. However, you can guarantee that the sell-through number isn’t far behind – after all, retailers don’t stock up on hardware that they’re never going to sell.

The figure is correct as of 4th November 2012 – roughly six years after the platform first debuted in Japan. Incredibly, the system is pretty much on par with the Xbox 360, which had also sold 70 million units as of September 2012. Considering the PS3 launched later and at an infinitely more offensive price point, we reckon that Sony’s done a pretty good job of straightening out the mess that Ken Kutaragi left behind. Of course, both platforms are still miles behind the Wii’s impressive 97 million units tally.

Sony added that it has sold 15 million PlayStation Move motion controllers to date, a figure which is certainly not to be sniffed at. Furthermore, as of 30th September, there were 3590 games available for the PS3, of which 595 million have been sold.

Now if only the Vita could start posting some reasonable numbers, everything would be hunky dory.

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coroum said:

I guess good games for move are gonna stop considering from 15 million moves only 7 million houses has move on average...



get2sammyb said:

@coroum Well, aside from the upcoming Wonderbook games and Until Dawn, I'm not sure how much you were likely to get anyway. Assuming Wonderbook is successful, I think there's going to be a long tail for casual Move games.



rjejr said:

I bet PS3 caught the Xbox360 due in part to that $60 yearly fee. Or $14.99 monthly fee if you buy the $99 model (just wrong.) That's pretty much the only thing keeping me from buying 1 this holiday.

So is it time to start giving away Vita's free w/ every PS3 purchase (like MS is basically doing with the Kinect 4GB bundle)?

There seem to be 2 types of people regarding the Vita - those who want one but don't want to spend the money, and those who bought one and sold it due to lack of games. That's a much bigger problem for Sony than I thought it was as I've been behind them holding off on a price drop until after the holidays. Now I'm thinking that might be too late as the ugly catch-22 has finally sunken in - nobody buys systems without games and nobody makes games for systems that nobody buys.

And to exacerbate that problem the Xbox720 and PS4 presumably are due out next year and the Wii U is out in 2 days, so just how much money do people have to spend on a Vita? Maybe they should package Vita w/ the PS4 at launch.



hYdeks said:

once vita has rpgs and more must-have shooters, the system will begin to see people, I hope I've always known PlayStation stuff to go low at first, than later sell like hot-cakes Here's hoping same happens to Vita.



Gamer83 said:

It's a tremendous job by Sony considering the terrible press the PS3 got in its first year and also that no console that was $600 or more on day one had ever had truly great success. It was nice to see all of the big 3 do well this time around, each had a viable platform with lots of great games. Hopefully next-gen will be more of the same.

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