Don't get your hopes up, legendary SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive is still closed and, as such, it's not working on a sequel to the incredibly ambitious MAG. Instead, the confusingly titled MAG II is a gun-shaped motion controller designed for use with the PlayStation 3 and PC.

The peripheral – set for release on 13th November in North America – senses movement through a complicated blend of “motion sensing and gyroscopic induction movement tracking”. We're guessing that waggling the controller about like a mad man translates to traditional right-stick inputs, hence the device's pie-in-the-sky claim of being compatible with “all shooting games”.

The controller features onboard software which can be updated via a USB port, through which new functions and features will be unlocked over time. You can currently pre-order the unit from Amazon and GameStop. Just keep in mind that it costs a whopping $149.99.