Just Cause 2 fans will have a new adventure to migrate to next year, as Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will facilitate plenty of aerial shenanigans. Chatting with The Guardian in an interview published earlier today, Dan Houser revealed that the hotly anticipated sequel will boast an open world bigger than Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined – and for good reason, too.

"We wanted to make a big place, as much as anything, to allow you to fly," he said. "A lot of the decisions, we're talking about them here on a philosophical level, but they're also practical decisions, too: we're making a game. You have to understand the medium.

"On an obvious level we wanted somewhere big so you can fly properly - we have a lot of missions that involve flying, in helicopters or whatever, it was logical. Also, jet skis work better around LA than they would in New York.”

We reckon it’s about time you attended those ‘Fear of Flying’ therapy sessions, don’t you? You’ve got until Spring 2013, when the sandbox sequel is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3.

[via guardian.co.uk]