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Grand Theft Auto V Bounces Back with a Killer Bassline

Posted by Sammy Barker

Best enjoyed with a bottle of beer and lime

Never bet against Rockstar Games. The publisher has released a brand new feel-good trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which effortlessly encapsulates the upcoming sequel’s sunny vibe. Across the video’s two minute running time it introduces the title’s trio of protagonists, the city of Los Santos, and even finds a spare second to crack a joke or two.

Needless to say it’s one of the best trailers you’re going to see all year – and it’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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Savino said:

And Watch Dogs becomes the #2 again in my list.

Rockstar has a unique sense of humor and no sandbox game will beat that anytime soon.



Savino said:

Make two of us then! (or than... I never know. I learned english by myself)



Savino said:

I will play this on PS3 due my anxiety and later I will play on my pc... you know, GTA in its full (hd) glory!!!



theblackdragon said:

@Savino: regarding 'then' vs. 'than' — for 'thEn', think 'timE' ('i'll go to the store then'). for 'thAn', think 'compArison' ('this store is better than the other one'). Don't worry, you had it right the first time :3



Savino said:

Many thanks!
Now it will be much easier for me to remember!

Not english lesson, British English lesson!! Add some style to the whole thing!!
(I know the rules are valid for both english... but you can deny the British accent as a style)

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