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Frobisher Says' Animated Ladies Were Too Saucy for Sony

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cor, blimey!

Ross Phillips’ brilliant ‘Smile at the Ladies’ mini-game in the zany PlayStation Vita exclusive Frobisher Says was originally too saucy for Sony, according to artist Dick Hogg. In an interview with the wonderful online art gallery Venus Patrol, the illustrator explained: “It is really cool to be able to contact some guy on the Internet – who you don’t know anything about other than that you love his work – and say, ‘Hello Ross Philips, can you please draw some ladies and some badgers. Here is some money.’ A week or two later you have some splendidly designed and animated ladies and badgers. It’s that simple.”

Unfortunately, things weren’t quite that simple at all. “We had to send the ladies back because someone at Sony thought they were too saucy,” Hogg added. “He made them less saucy by adding beach balls and sand castles. We live in strange times.”

You can learn a little more about the artists and inspirations behind Frobisher Says through here. It’s a highly recommended read.


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SammyOfMobius said:

Okay, I would do the same exact thing if I were Sony because that is slightly innappropriate.



Stuffgamer1 said:

But just adding the beach balls and sand castles without editing the ladies themselves was enough? Okay, that's just plain silly.



Splat said:

There are way more "saucy" Dynamic Themes on the PSN store. Just saying...



ThreadShadow said:

-no beachballs or sandcastles- frowns
-beachballs and sandcastles- smiles

Headshots, chainsawing opponents, blood and swears flying everywhere, and smiling at a picture of a beautiful lady is "inappropriate"?

That's it, stop the world I wanna get off!!!

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