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David Cage: I Wish I Could Say Nothing About Beyond

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keeping secrets

Quantic Dream's eccentric head honcho David Cage is keen to keep Beyond: Two Souls spoilers under wraps – to the point where he’d rather not talk about the game at all. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog in an interview published earlier today, the likeable director explained: “Like other game creators, I wish I could say nothing and show nothing, and put a plain black cover on the shelves so that players start the game completely blank."

Unfortunately, Cage lamented that this is “not possible” – but he still encouraged players to experience the title as unprepared as possible. “You must go into the game trying to learn as little as possible,” he exclaimed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cage revealed that the title was progressing well. “We’re advancing – we’re now a few weeks off the alpha version,” he said. “It’s always a very critical moment in the development of a game since it’s the first time all the game data is assembled in a complete version.”

For more from the video game luminary, point your browser towards the PlayStation Blog.


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Splat said:

I'm going out of my way to not read anything else about this or The Last of Us. I'm all ready sold on both and don't want to know anything else.

They are easily #1 and #2 on my most want list.

I didn't even read anything you wrote Sammy no offensive.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Splat: Don't worry, there was nothing even remotely resembling spoilers in this post. I definitely do agree that it's best not to know too much going into a story-heavy game like this...honestly, I didn't know too much about Heavy Rain when I got it at launch, and that didn't disappoint! Not me, anyway.



Splat said:

@Stuffgamer1 - I actually played Heavy Rain a few months back knowing very little about it and loved it. I think Beyond has the potential to be even better.



zezhyrule said:

That's what I do with pretty much every game I play for the first time haha. I don't read any reviews or watch trailers, follow news etc.

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