Beatshapers’ brilliant PlayStation Mini BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is bouncing onto the PlayStation Vita as a native release, the developer has told us. That means that the title will now boast Trophies, improved visuals, and online scoreboards.

“We got the approval from Sony two weeks ago and are pushing it hard,” gaffer Alexey Menshikov informed us earlier today. “We expect to have a playable version ready by the end of the year.” It sounds like the title will be available to purchase at some point in early 2013.

Despite the game already being playable on Vita, Menshikov believes that the PlayStation Minis platform is starting to run out of steam. “Minis are declining fast, so we are switching to PlayStation 3 and Vita production,” the developer added.

We scored the original version a 9/10 in our BreakQuest: Extra Evolution review, so we’re naturally thrilled to learn that the title is getting another shot in the spotlight. If you can’t wait for the native release, though, we encourage you to pick up the PlayStation Mini as soon as possible. It’s worth every penny.