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Amazon Bundling PlayStation 3 with Vita for £499.99 in UK

Posted by Sammy Barker


Earlier in the year, Sony stated that it was not averse to the idea of bundling the PlayStation 3 with the Vita. "We'd have nothing against that whatsoever," SCEUK’s Fergal Gara told CVG. "And it's not out of the question that we would do that this Christmas if we wanted to.”

It turns out that those weren’t empty words. The UK arm of online mega retailer Amazon is currently offering a 500GB PlayStation 3 console, a Wi-Fi Vita, and a copy of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for £499.99. Sadly, the bundle is not especially cost-effective, as each of the aforementioned components can be purchased separately for a combined total of £446.98.

It appears that the offer was available as part of Amazon's recent Black Friday dealings. A user review notes that the bundle cost just £329.99 during the global discount day. However, the fact that the package is still available to purchase suggests that this may be a new initiative from Sony. We've contacted the platform holder for comment.

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Kayoss said:

You kidding me??? Im a big Sony supporter and borderline Sony Fanboy... but Sony have no common sense. a bundle for $800 when you can purchase the individual system at a cheaper price? This bundle can not cost more than $400 US dollars. They need to add the 250gb PS3 for $199, the Wifi PS Vita with 8gb memory and at least two games to attract buyer. Sony is in a hole right now that they dug bigger and bigger... but it seems like they are now asking competitors to throw dirt into the hole while they are in it. When the extra slim was released, they could have taken the PS3 sales to a whole new level by reducing the price and just in time for the holiday sales too...but they totally missed the mark.



NathanUC said:

Not sure I follow as to where all that money comes from. On Black Friday I bought a 250gb PS3 bundle for $200 and a AC Vita bundle (with extras) for $180. That's a total of only $380. I completely and fully understand that it's easy to get good deals on Black Friday.. but $802 USD is more than double that for far less content.

Even the 500gb retails at $400 iirc. $400 plus the $250 wifi Vita retail is only $650. Add the $60 for Battle Royal and we're still hardly over $700 =

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