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Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Fires onto PS3 This Fall

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bullet hell

Under Defeat is perhaps best known for being a Dreamcast game – despite launching in 2006, long after the console’s untimely demise. As such, there’s a good chance you might not have played the revered arcade shooter – but thankfully localisation specialists Rising Star Games have happened upon a solution.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition will release on the PlayStation 3 in North America later this year, and will ship with a bevy of improvements. For $29.99 you’ll unlock enhanced visuals, a new two-player mode, and a 16:9 New Order mode. The latter will “take advantage of HD television screens by making the field twice the size of regular shooters”. More space to fill bullets with – just what we always wanted.

You’ll be able to purchase the game directly from the PlayStation Store, but if you pick it up at retail you’ll score a whole heap of physical extras too. Bonuses include a digital art-book, all current DLC and patches, a soundtrack CD, and “an exclusive letter from the CEO of [developer] G.Rev and the game’s executive producer, Hiroyuki Maruyama”.

Let us know if the title’s imminent arrival is tickling your trigger finger in the comments section below.


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FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Damn, that's one high price tag for an HD upgrade to a game that launched in 2006.
I would like this game to succeed, because I'm actually a fan of it, but I don't think many people will jump on an arcade shooter for $30.
I think this should've been a PSN download only for $10 or so for it to have a, ahem, shot. But hopefully I'm wrong (like usual).




I'll give it a go if the disc version gets an EU release. There's a huge gaping shump shaped hole in the PS3's library, it's the only reason I've ever considered getting a 360!

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