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ToeJam & Earl Struts onto the PlayStation Network Next Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hum the bassline

ToeJam & Earl’s frantic hunt for spaceship parts will continue on the PlayStation Network next month, when the SEGA Mega Drive classic arrives on Sony’s digital storefront. The original Rogue-like will be joined by its less impressive side-scroller sequel, Panic on Funkotron.

You’ll be able to purchase the funky favourites for just £3.69/$4.99 a pop, when they arrive on 6th November in North America and 7th November in Europe. Both titles will include full Trophy and online co-op support. Jammin’.

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get2sammyb said:

Has anyone ever completed the original game? I've got close, but it's tough!



fchinaski said:

I did complete both on my Mega Drive ages ago. The first one was tough, but not THAT tough. I will probably buy them because of the trophies, even though I find the first one too slow paced for today's standards.



belmont said:

They should release Sonic Mega Drive Collection on PSN too. Also wouldn't be great if those classics were playable on Vita as well? There is the PSP version of Sega Mega Drive Collection on the store but it does not have all those games...

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