This is all a bit exciting, isn’t it? Sony has essentially launched a new platform overnight. Sure, it might not come with a new piece of hardware – but PlayStation Mobile could provide a subtle hint at the future of the platform holder's handheld endeavours.

The service is available right now in Japan, North America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. If you’re using a Vita, just load up the PlayStation Store and hit the ‘PlayStation Mobile’ tab at the top of the screen. Those of you using PlayStation-certified smartphones and tablets will need to follow these online instructions.

The platform has launched with a whopping 21 games – some of them developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Highlights include Super Crate Box, Twist Pilot, Fuel Tiracas, Hungry Giraffe and Aqua Kitty.

There’s plenty more information available on the PlayStation Blog. Let us know if you’ve tried out any of the games in the comments section below.