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Rumour: Retailer Lists Lightning Returns: FFXIII Release Date

Posted by Sammy Barker

Possible placeholder

Contrary to comments from Square Enix itself, Amazon UK has attached a 29th March release date to upcoming sequel Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The developer recently revealed in a Famitsu interview that the game was only 30 per cent complete, but the mega retailer’s information doesn’t appear to corroborate with that.

Of course, the date could just be a placeholder – but the 29th March is a Friday, which is when games typically release in the UK. We’ve contacted Square Enix for clarification, and will update as soon as we hear something back.

Update: Well, that was quick. Square Enix has told CVG that the date is "factually incorrect". As you were, then.


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3Above said:

Sorry SE, i liked 13, bought 13-2 and will not be suckered into 13-3 ( thats what im going to call it. ) The story went to pot in 13-2 and im quite sure it is beyond even the goddess Etro's power to salvage. Just give me Versus 13 and be gone.

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