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Resident Evil 6 Does the Business for Capcom

Posted by Sammy Barker

Alive and kicking

Resident Evil 6 may not have garnered the universally positive review scores that the series is renowned for, but the sequel has been an enormous financial success for publisher Capcom. Speaking during a business briefing earlier today, the company reported an operating income of ¥6.5 billion ($81.6 million) for the first half of its fiscal 2013, up 134.2 per cent over the same period last year.

As previously alluded, the critically conflicted Resident Evil 6 played a huge part in the publisher’s success, having shipped 3.7 million units to retailers worldwide. The other big financial triumph was Dragon’s Dogma, which sold over one million copies in Capcom's "more profitable domestic market" of Japan.

Positive news for the publisher, then – but we suspect it’s going to have to push the proverbial boat out in order to retain Resident Evil’s relevancy in the future.


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Gamer83 said:

I really like RE 6 and think some of the reviews were unfair and very unprofessional. I've got no problem with somebody not liking the game but that's what scores of 6 are for, there's no way the game deserved the 2's, 3's, or 4's though, that is utterly ridiculous. It's a good game and I'm glad it's selling well, that said I can understand why some gamers may be disappointed with it. Eventhough I do like RE 5 and 6 a lot, I'd like a return to more traditional survival/horror someday as well but it probably won't happen.

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