This is all rather exciting, isn’t it? Depending on where in Europe you reside, you might already have access to the new PlayStation Store. We’ve been checking from our UK account all morning, but we still see the classic blue storefront. Apparently, Sony is in the process of rolling out the redesign across the continent as we type.

Hands-on impressions from around the globe are currently mixed, with speed being the most prominent issue. According to the platform holder, this is just launch day teething troubles, and the performance “will improve drastically when the region-wide roll-out is complete”. Be patient, is the message from the manufacturer. When are people ever patient?

The new PlayStation Store comes with a slew of fresh features. Aside from better content organisation, the online shopping centre also includes improved search, enhanced content filters, and a carousel effect designed to best promote all of the biggest new releases.

You can read an epistle about the new PlayStation Store design over on the European PlayStation Blog. European players will be able to sample it later today, while North American gamers will have to wait until 23rd October.