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Plunder One Piece: Pirate Warriors at 40% Off This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

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With the end of October in sight, this week’s North American PlayStation Plus update is understandably lacking in heavy hitters – but there’s still an offer or four to keep subscribers smiling. The service's latest set of savings include a 40 per cent discount on One Piece: Pirate Warriors, dropping the recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive's price to just $29.99.

Members will also be able to snap up Wonder Boy in Monster World for just $1.00, the WWE ’13 Season Pass at half-price, and all of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz’s DLC for just $0.40. Let us know if anything takes your fancy in the comments section below.


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ohhaime said:

I'm so mad at about this.First I bought One Piece at full price one week before they announced the Spend $100 get back $20 sale and now less then a month later they do a huge discount.

PS+ in the US has become nothing more then a way to get people to buy DLC.



kivi95 said:

#1 The PS+ dude suggested that you could call the customer service and might get a refund or something.



ohhaime said:

@kivi95 I saw that but I really doubt they would do it. He said they might do it if you bought it "recently" but I bet that probably means like a day or two.



rjejr said:

I find it best just to ignore the 5th Tuesday in a month as a by-product of Sony originally doing PS+ updates every 2 weeks. I'm kind of surprised there's anything at all this week actually.

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